Project Comeback Survey Youth Returning to Smithers

Project Come Back Survey  (Adult who has been away from thecommunity and returned to Smithers)  Thankyou for assisting the Smithers Chamber of Commerce, the Rural BC Secretariatand the Fraser Basin Council with your thoughts, ideas and opinions to guide us in future planning and the Smithers District Chamber of Commerce fax 250-847-3337 or drop off 250-847-5072 email heather@smitherschamber.comGender                                 Male__                Female__ 1. If you were raised in Smithers, what opportunities were you seeking that made you leave?Post-secondaryeducation Yes__ No__                    Travel   Yes __ No__                             Work       Yes__  No___If “Work” was a Yes, were you unable tofind work in your chosen profession here in Smithers Yes __ No___Other______________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. What do you like about living in Smithers? (ie: lifestyle; strong sense of community;vibrant music scene; etc)________________________________________________________________________ 3. Please rate Smithers from 1-7 (with 1 being not positive and 7 being very positive the following factors:Safe streets andneighbourhoods    ___        Good public school systems     ___ Good work opportunities     ___          Good recreation facilities     ___ Place with environmental concerns   ___            Near family & friends     ___ Strong sense ofCommunity    ___            Affordable    ___ Scenic Beauty   ___            strong cultural scene    ___ Post-secondaryopportunities    ___       Welcoming Community   ___ Other     ______________________4. How wouldyou rate the amenities/recreational opportunites/cultural activites Smithers offers, again using 1-7 with 1being not positive and 7 being very positiveRecreational Facilities Winter    ___            Recreational l Facilities Summer    ___ Cultural Events      ___            Cultural Facilities    ___ Airport      ___            Hospital      ___ Parks    ___            Restaurants    ____ Nightlife   ___            Shopping  ___ EducationalOpportunities   ___           Job opportunities and assistance   ___ EntrepreneurialOpportunities     ____ 5. Do you own your own home or are you rentingOwn ______   Rent ______           Didyou find finding accommodation a challenge: Please explain_____________________________________________________________________________________________6. Do you currently have a job? (full or parttime) Full time ___ Part Time ___ Are youcurrently working in your chosen profession which is ______________________________ and/or wouldyou consider opening your own business    Yes ___ No____ or have youopened your own business, which is________________________________________8. How would you describe your perfectcommunity? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Keeping in mind population (supply and demand) accounts for amenity/shopping/cultural activity and opportunities how do you rate Smithers, as a small, rural town, in its provision of community amentities required to create a happy, healthy place of residence,  again using the 1-7 with 1 being not positive and 7 being very positive.)              ______ What made you comeback to Smithers __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What are some challenges our community facesin attracting more young people to our town? __________________________________________________________________________________